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Transparent aluminum has become a reality
Time:2016-1-22 14:06:33                  Click:1634

The way human progress is at least impressive, once in science fiction events once again become a reality. What do I really mean? Well, I remember in the Star Trek is a kind of transparent aluminum: the voyage home? Well, this through Ming aluminum looks like now get as real, which attributed to the Naval Research Laboratory scientists JAS Dr sanghera, he once described the transparent aluminum "is actually a kind of mineral, aluminum and magnesium stearate. The advantage of it is that it is much harder than glass. It can provide better protection in a more hostile environment - so it can bear the erosion of sand and rain ".
As a more durable material, it has a thin layer of spinel structure, which can provide superior performance compared with glass. You can be sure that this is a technology that can change the way we look at the world, when a person rides on a weight - sensitive platform, such as a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), and a head - mounted mask.
Sanghera further description of the manufacturing process, she said so. "You put the powder into a hot press [], then press under vacuum conditions, the powder pressed together, if you can do this, then you can to get rid of all entrained air, and can be obvious that it will suddenly send out." When the sheet is just pressed, he will be further refined into other uses such as bullet proof glass for grinding and polishing. If the cost is down at the right time, then the consumer applications will also benefit, including smart phones and watches.

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