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Bauxite flotation technology was a breakthrough in the removal of silicon
Time:2016-1-22 14:08:00                  Click:1490

Recently, China Geological Survey Research Institute of the invention patent "a new type of bauxite positive flotation inhibitor" access to the State Intellectual Property office. The patent will be for the flotation of diaspore type bauxite in China's huge reserves of desilication technology provides an important support.
The present invention promotion of diaspore and containing the effective separation of silicate minerals, of silicon and aluminum than 3 ~ 5% of bauxite, in other conditions are the same, after the adoption of the invention, compared with the conventional adjustment agent sodium hexametaphosphate, improve concentrate aluminum silicon ratio of 1 to 2, improve the aluminum oxide recovery rate of 10% ~ 20%. The results show that compared with the conventional adjustment agent sodium hexametaphosphate, novel inhibitors can significantly strengthen the containing mineral silicon selective inhibition, the rough concentrate aluminum silicon ratio is increased from 8.29 to 9.74 and alumina recovery rate increased from 53.98% to 74.96.

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