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Name:Sodium-free Deslagging Agent SY-WQ2

Time:2016-4-8 16:26:57

SY-WQ2 is produced by proportionally mixing several sodium-free salt compounds and non-organic compounds with the use of special processing techniques. Slags treated with SY-WQ2 become very loose and dry, with very few aluminum residues, which in turn minimizes the loss of aluminum and maximizes the purity of aluminum melt.

Properties: white or gray white powder, 1kg/pack or 2.5kg/pack

Processing Temperature: 700℃~780℃

Recommended Dosage: add SY-WQ2 equal to 0.2~0.5% of the weight of the aluminum melt. Increase or reduce the dosage depend on the type of smelter and purity of charging materials.

Features and Benefits:

1.This sodium-free product avoids or reduce white stains on the surface of the aluminum alloys.

2.It has good heat generating performance; it is capable of separating slags and aluminum, decomposing aluminum oxide in slags; making aluminum slags more loose and dry and make it easier to be separated.

3.Greatly improve the purity of aluminum melt, enhance the performance of aluminum alloys and reduce aluminum loss.

4.Reduce the possibility of adhesion of slags to walls and bottom of the smelter and expand the service life of the smelter by avoiding possible damages to it and reducing the frequency of cleaning.


Before or after the refining process, apply SY-QJ1 deslagging agent on the surface of the aluminum melt. The reaction process will generate plenty of heat. The slags will be heated red. Stir the aluminum slags and ensure 3~5 minutes thorough contact with the flux and slags. Remove the slags when they become dry powder.

Packaging and Storage: 20kg or 25kg per pack in corrugated boxes or woven bags; store with caution in a dry place and avoid damp.

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