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Name:Deslagging Granule SY-KQJ1

Time:2016-4-8 16:39:06

SY-KQJ1 is produced by proportionally mixing several salt compounds with the use of special processing techniques. Slags treated with SY-KQJ1 become very loose and dry, with very few aluminum residues, which in turn minimize the loss of aluminum and maximize the purity of aluminum melt.

See “Sodium-free Deslagging Agent SY-WQ2” for processing temperature, recommended dosage and usage.

Features and Benefits:

1.SY-KQJ1 does not produce any dust, so it won’t cause environment pollution. Also it does not corrode tools or equipment and can protect the health of operators.

2.The active ingredients can be utilized fully and effectively even in the case of a small dosage since it is really a new-generation environment-friendly deslagging granule.

3.This product can resist high temperature up to 800℃ without being melted.

4.There is no aluminum slag adhesion to the smelter, causing no corrosion to the smelter itself or the transfer ladle.

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