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Name:Sodium-free Refining Agent SY-WJ2

Time:2016-4-8 17:10:32

This product is a combination of a variety of sodium-free salts and other inorganic compounds formulated according to a certain proportion. It is mainly used for refining processes for wheel hubs for automobiles and motorcycles, A356, A380, A386, pure aluminum and phosphorus-modified aluminum alloys.

Properties: white powder (1kg/pack) or cylindrical solid (0.5kg/pack).

Processing Temperature: 700℃~760℃

Recommended Dosage:  add the product equal to 0.2~0.5% of the weight of the aluminum melts. Increase or reduce the dosage depending on the type of smelter and purity of charging materials.

Features and Benefits:

1. This product can release several types of gas into the melts and the gas is capable of refining and deslagging.

2. Sodium-free formulation avoids or at least reduces white spots on the surface of the aluminum or aluminum alloys, thus improving the surface quality.

3. This refining agent can improve the effectiveness of the phosphorus modificator.


Keep proper processing temperature. Put this product in an immersion bell and press the bell into the melts to 3/4 of its depth. Move the bell horizontally and steadily to all parts of the melts until the reaction consumes all the flux. For a large reverberatory furnace, a powder blower can be used to blow the powder to the inner of the aluminum melts. Stir thoroughly for a higher degree of effectiveness. Spread this product on the surface of the aluminum melts. Stir the slags thoroughly until the slags become dry powder. It is easy to clean this product off the aluminum melts.

Packaging and Storage:

Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box.

Store it with caution in a dry place, and avoid damps.

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