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Name:Blown Refining Agent SY-PJ1

Time:2016-4-8 17:14:44

SY-PJ1 is produced by proportionally mixing several salt compounds with the use of special processing techniques. SY-PJ1 is carried by nitrogen or argon and blown through the powder blower to the inner of the aluminum melts, which will be purified by both gases and the refining granules.SY-PJ1 is widely used in aluminum processing industry.

Properties: white powder, 2.5kg/pack or upon request.

Applicable to: refining pure aluminum and general aluminum alloys. Processing Temperature: 700℃~760℃

Recommended Dosage: add SY-PJ1 equal to 0.1~0.4% of the weight of the aluminum melts.

Features and Benefits: this product combines the benefits of both a degassing refining agent and a flux refining agent. It is easy to use and is also very effective in degassing. The processing does not require a big dosage for a better result. It can reduce the workloads of operators due to its high efficiency. The utilization rate is very high, enabling effective degassing and deslagging performance.


Within the required temperature for refining, feed the refining granules into the tank of the powder blower. Seal the cover tight. Connect the powder blower to nitrogen (at a pressure 1.2~1.8kg/cm2). Turn on the switch at the lower part of the refining tank. Insert the iron pipe into the aluminum melt to 3/4 of the depth of it as soon as the refining granule is blown out, and move the iron pipe horizontally two to three times without contacting the smelter walls in order to avoid clogging. Blow all refining granules during the refining process (about 10~15 minutes for 6~20 tons). Pull back the iron pipe out of the aluminum melt. Disconnect nitrogen input.


A. control the blowing rate for powder by using the switch at the lower part of the refining tank; ensure there is refining granule coming out from the powder blower during the entire refining process.

B. control the level of aluminum melts waves by regulating the nitrogen pressure. Try to minimize the level of aluminum melts waves, preferably below 15cm.

Packaging and Storage:

Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes or woven bags as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box.

Store with caution in a dry place and avoid damp.

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