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Name:Siyuan No. 8 Phosphorus Alloy Modificator

Time:2016-4-8 17:57:04

As domestic enterprises are given more stringent requirements for environmental protection, we introduced a new phosphorus alloy modificator Siyuan No. 8, which can meet such requirements. Siyuan No. 8 is a good demonstration of a perfect combination of environment care and quality awareness.

Properties: silver white aluminum alloy, pie shape

Processing Temperature: 760℃~820℃

Recommended Dosage: 0.6% ~ 1.2%

Features and Benefits:

1.Add the product synchronically with the alloying process. This reduces time for modification process and improves efficiency.

2.No mist or odor is produced during the feeding process, improving the working environment for workers.

3.No slags are produced. This product causes no corrosion to crucibles and immersion bells and thus extends the service life of tools. It also reduces aluminum loss and energy consumption.

4.On the surface of this product there are a large quantity of ALP crystal nucleus, which can take the eutectic piston alloy to the hyper-eutectic phase and effectively refine the primary silicon. This substantially improves the performance of the piston in terms of high temperature resistance, abrasion-resistance and size stability.

5.It is easy to use, stable, reliable and can be widely used for a variety of furnace.


After the alloy is melted, add this product before adding any magnesium.

Packaging and Storage:

Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes or woven bags as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box.


1.Preheat this product before using to avoid splash of aluminum melts due to existence of water.

2.Avoid charging materials containing sodium or calcium.

3.Stir thoroughly to get optimal effectiveness.

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