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Name:Phosphate Compound Modificator SY-PB1

Time:2016-4-8 18:00:06

This product is a compound of inorganic phosphate and other elements. It is very effective for modification of eutectic, hyper-eutectic Al-Si alloys. Given the current level of processing in the piston industry, this phosphate compound modificator is a unique and incomparable product for industrial users.

Properties: white cylindrical solid, 0.5kg/pack.

Applicable to: eutectic (108, 109 alloy) and hyper-eutectic Al-Si alloys.

Features and Benefits:

1.The tensile strength of the piston is increased by nearly 20% when compared with that of pistons treated with sodium salt modificator. The expansion coefficient is smaller, and the piston is more stable.

2.Pistons treated with this product have better performance in terms of thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, casting processability and surface gloss.

3.This product can delivery long-term effectiveness and can be remelted. When refining alloys treated with this product, the modification effectiveness is not compromised; instead, it can distribute the primary silicon more evenly.

4.The product can delivery good liquidity in the casting process, which dramatically reduces the possibility of shrinkage and porosity and improves the finished product yield.

5.This product can be melted and absorbed very fast and produces no mist, odor or toxin; it also does not absorb gas or adhere to the crucible.

6.This product is safe and easy to transport and store.

Process Characteristics: See sample table.


Clean off the slags when the alloy being treated gets to a certain temperature. Put the modificator in an immersion bell and press the bell into the crucible to 3/4 of the depth, until the reaction ends. Keep still for 10 minutes before refining or casting.


Pay special attention to the temperature, dosage and the time length for keeping still.

Packaging and Storage:

Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box.

Store it with caution in a dry place, and avoid damps.

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