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Name:Calcium Remover

Time:2016-6-6 16:54:00

Our calcium remover is formulated with a variety of sodium-free salts and inorganic compounds which are dried and mixed at a certain proportion. This product is used for removing the calcium in aluminum melts.

Properties: white powder (5kg/pack)

Processing Temperature: 700℃~780℃

Recommended Dosage:  calcium remover weighs 0.12% ~ -0.15% of the aluminum melts. Increase the dosage when calcium content is below 10ppm. (A small dosage is not sufficient for the reaction process and therefore is not effective in removing the calcium.)


Start to remove the calcium after adjusting the composition of the alloys. Clean off the dross on the surface of the aluminum melts. Feed the calcium remover into the powder blower when the temperature of the aluminum melts reaches 700℃ ~ 780℃. Use 99.99% nitrogen to carry the powder and blow it into the bottom of the aluminum melts. Move the tube horizontally to all parts of the smelter. Pay special attention to the corners. Allow about 15 minutes for the reaction process to enable thorough contact of the calcium remover with the aluminum melts. Stir the melts and keep the melts still for around 5 minutes. Clean off the dross on the surface of the aluminum melts.

Implement a sampling analysis. Repeat the process if the content of calcium is not conforming with required standards.

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