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Name:Aluminum Ash Treatment Agent SY-LHC

Time:2016-6-6 17:01:29

This product can be used for various types of aluminum smelting and recycling of aluminum ash, and it can also be used for deslagging for pure aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Features and Benefits: this product contains a large quantity of substances which can quickly separate the aluminum from slags. It can increase the temperature very fast and deliver remarkable result for separation.

Recommended Dosage and Usage:

After feeding the furnace with aluminum scraps, add the product at the proportion of 5 ~ 8 kg/ton. Continue to add the product (2 ~ 3kg/ton) when the aluminum scraps are totally melted. Stir before cleaning off the slags.  

Spread this product directly in the aluminum ashes. Stir violently to facilitate thorough contact between the product and the aluminum ashes. Determine the dosage upon the conditions of the aluminum slags.

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