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Name:Fast Molten Silicon SY-Si95

Time:2016-6-6 17:40:20

Fast molten silicon is produced from crystallized silicon blocks with special processing techniques. It is used to adjust the content of silicon in aluminum alloys. It is a perfect substitute for conventional silicea and aluminum silicon intermediate alloys.

Features and Benefits:

1.Easy to use; molten fast; high content of silicon.

2.Good substitute for conventional aluminum silicon alloys; reduces production cost.

Properties: white gray block.

Processing temperature: 740 ℃ or above (the higher the temperature, the higher the yield)

Calculation of amount to be added:

Required content of Si in Alloy (%) - original content of Si (%)

Content of Si in Additive (95%) × casting yield (90%)


After all the charging materials are molten, stir completely and take samples for analysis. Calculate the amount of fast molten silicon to be added as per the result of the analysis.

When the aluminum melts are heated to a required temperature, clean off the dross and spread the product evenly on the surface of the melts. Keep still for around 30 minutes, when stirring is not allowed. Stir for 5 minutes then and keep still for another 10 to 20 minutes. Take samples for analysis. Move over to the next process when the required content is met.

Packaging and Storage:

Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes as secondary packaging. 25Kg/pack. Store it with caution in a dry place, and avoid damps.

★ Differences between Fast Molten Silicon and Aluminum Silicon;

The primary silicon contained in aluminum silicon intermediate alloys is 180um. Although sometimes we use sodium or strontium based modificators,

they are not effective for the primary silicon, which will be carried to the ingots and affects the performance of the finished products.

★ Differences between Fast Molten Silicon and Crystallized Silicon;

Crystallized silicon is molten in the aluminum melts for the purpose of alloying. Since the relative density of silicon is smaller than that of aluminum, the use of crystallized silicon may float on the surface if not processed properly, and this will generate oxides, which are difficult to be molten. This will cause oxide residue and increase the possibility of gas absorbing.

★ Differences between Fast Molten Silicon and Silicea;

Silicea contains additives, which can cause air suction by the aluminum melts. While fast molten silicon only contains fluxing agent and can avoid air suction.

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