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1 take the market as the center
  Enterprise is because there is a market, there is no market, the enterprise will not survive the space, therefore, all enterprises should take the market as the center;
  Enterprise architecture, system, process, and enterprise staff's behavior should be to whether it is conducive to the operation of the market as we judge the quality standards, in contradiction and conflict, should tend to give priority to meet the demand of the market or the customer.
  Prioritize and meet the needs of the market to have the specific measures, measures should be as far as possible, set in advance, although sometimes special, but the special too much that the original setting is not really to the market as the center, it will bring the management confusion, from on the other hand, brings to the enterprise survival crisis.
2 simple, quantitative, clear responsibilities and rights
  Management to be efficient, low cost, easy to remember, easy to implement, it can only be simple - this is our decision in the system and the process is an effective judgment criteria.
  Work and energy of the authority, must be issued by quantitative indices, operability, ability assessment. It is difficult to effectively operate, supervise and evaluate without the quantification of the equivalent of laissez faire.
  Each position to perform functions, to bear the responsibilities and obligations, and to give the corresponding rights, to not ambiguous words clearly in writing issued, and to explain to me, and to inform the relevant personnel. Only in this way can the executive perform its duties effectively and efficiently.
3 honesty, win-win, empathy
  Between colleagues, between departments, between the upper and lower levels, partners and between customers and should frank, because only honest, we can reach a mutual trust, rely on temporary cleverness, is unlikely to have long-term friendship and cooperation.
  Work or cooperation, the best effect is win-win, in cooperation and the distribution of benefits, if only a profit or unfair distribution and other psychological is not balanced, it will have sequela, it will be difficult to continue to cooperate and work each other together also won't feel happy.
  How to make each other feel fair and easy to accept? The best way is to put ourselves in the shoes stand on each other's position to consider the issue, if you can not accept, then the other party vice versa.
  Honesty, win-win, empathy is not just a way to get along with the guidelines, but also a way of doing things or thinking, we need time to create, develop habits.
4 commitment must be done
  Words will do, do is the basic principle in life, doing things. Promised things not cash, if it is a private matter, will affect my credit; and if it was business, will not only disrupt the plans of the other, resulting in economic losses, the long run will affect the enterprise or department of credit, it will lose the opportunity to cooperate with customers.         Therefore, in addition to the factors that can not be overcome, it is said that it should be done.
  A commitment to do not say 100%, if you most can be fulfilled, occasional delays, others are to understand; but if you have multiple not cash, you in the hearts of others, credit degrees will be greatly reduced.
  Commitment is because you have the conditions of performance, that is within the terms of reference, to understand the background, while there is the power of action. If you do not have these conditions, you should be given to the people who have the conditions to promise, the chaos on behalf of others, if not, the impact of more than one person you.
  Within the scope of your duties, don't push commitment to others; clearly 2 days can be completed, don't say 3 days to be completed, fear of responsibility, not reasonably sufficient leeway, and ultimately give the impression is inefficient, not for the sake of others. This commitment is done, but others are not willing to work with you, or the position does not require you to do, so to comply with the commitment to lose the meaning.
5 result oriented
  Result oriented, with the final result of the evaluation. We do everything, we have to understand what is done after the results? What can be done to achieve the desired results? Around the "results" to do things. Responsible for the implementation of the responsibility system, the Department responsible person to be directly under the jurisdiction of the people to make the behavior of responsibility. Belongs to the Department to assume the contents or functions of the project, the Department responsible person should be responsible for the lead, coordination and bear the responsibility of the final results. Only accept the advance, do not accept the explanation afterwards.
  Assigned tasks, if there are difficulties, in advance to the higher proposed resource needs, but can not refuse to accept the work instruction or post hoc explanations of unfinished business for many reasons, but does not allow the buck passing. Can tolerate the courage to take responsibility for the mistakes caused by lack of experience, but will not be tolerated, but also many people who are not responsible for the interpretation of the. To repeat a mistake is a serious and irresponsible expression. First responsibility, after the process. At work when there is a problem not allowed to excuse caused because there is no workflow or process is not clear, we should stand in the market as the center "position, the first responsibility consciousness, in time, to solve the problem, cannot be solved timely reporting, after combing process.
6 to lifelong learning
  In modern society, update knowledge by learning a thousand li a day, it will not be eliminated.
  Learning is a lifetime of things, through continuous learning, to master the latest knowledge, in order to take detours, not blindly "innovation".
  Learning type of informal, varied, as long as the personal qualities, professional skills, system knowledge surface enhance and update can help. If we can to to learn, with the issue of, will have a more profound understanding.
  System knowledge learning, learn from the experience of the success of others, from the failure of others thinking the reason; grasp the law of development of things, mastery, for me, will than others better.
  Learning is to live and work better, and to apply what they have learned, in order to reflect the results of the study, will have a more profound understanding, also can test the knowledge of applicability.
  When a person has no ability to learn, it is not far from retirement.
7 create more valuable products
  Think about the R & D and provides the user with the product, to reflect more value than their peers. Value is reflected in the following several aspects to always have a stronger than peers:
  A. customer acceptance of the psychological price
  B. added value
  C. purchase or distribution of the benefits of our products to customers
  D. transaction convenience
  E. Cost performance ratio of 
  F. appearance
  G. services
  This requires us to each link from the set of product R & D to finalize the design, technology and equipment, cost control, quality control, service system to establish personnel selected, consider these problems, requires understanding of the market, understand competitors, understand the trend of market development, the solution of the latest technologies, techniques, equipment and materials.


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